Gem Trees by T&W

Birthstone Trees

Gem stones I use and the traditional ones  - see photos in Gallery

                         Gem Trees         Traditional (although they do vary....)

January            Garnet                      Garnet

February          Amethyst                   Amethyst

March               Jade                          Aquamarine

April                 Clear Quartz              Diamond

May                  Lemon Prase             Emerald

June                 Moonstone                Moonstone / Pearl

July                  Carnelian                   Ruby

August             Peridot                       Peridot

September       Blue Lace Agate        Sapphire

October           Red Jasper                Opal / Touramaline

November        Citrine                        Yellow Topaz / Citrine

December        Blue Topaz                Turquoise / Blue Topaz