Gem Trees by T&W

About me

My name is Tracy and I live in Ayrshire.     I spent many years living in London working in the rag trade -  looking after the computer systems that helped run the companies!    Travel in London was starting to get too much - I was spending about 4 hours a day stuck in traffic or mimicking a sardine on the tube, so the big decision was made that it was time to move back to Scotland.     Although I vowed I wasn't going to be working in IT after the move, that's what I ended up doing and was IT Manager for a company in Hamilton for several years.

With the crisis of the 'credit crunch', I was made redundant in 2009 and this allowed me time to indulge myself in all the arty things that I had talked about doing for years.  I have always wanted a 'dangle' gem tree, but the only crystal  trees that I could find to buy, the stones were glued to the wire, which I wasn't keen on.  So I decided to make my own, I already had the perfect base - a large quartz point

It's very therapeutic twisting wire, even if it can be sore on the fingers at times, and my forest started to grow.

Next task was to find Craft Fairs where I could sell my trees, otherwise the house was going to be overrun with them and I would be building up debt - not a good idea!!

A huge thank you to all my new friends who have made this venture truly rewarding!

Shows & Fairs I'll be attending - Craft Fairs

Hope to see you soon!

Tracy x